Disainer Gio Ponti

Bränd Molteni&C

Gio Pointi sai tugitooli disainiidee kuuest kruiisilaevast, mis ehitati 1949-1951 aastatel: Conte Grande, Africa, Oceania, Conte Biancamano, Andrea Doria and Giulio Cesare. Tugitool on justkui miniversioon nendest laevadest.

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Gio Ponti

Giovanni “Gio” Ponti (1891-1979) was one of the most influential Italian architects, also a designer and essayist. Ponti promoted industrial design and his idea of interior furnishing was “sophisticated”, economic, “democratic” and modern. His work was unusually eclectic, reflecting the diverse, often conflicting, styles and ideologies with which he experimented over the years.