Casamilano news

new 2020 collections

Casamilano introduces the new 2020 collection designed by Paola Navone and Lia Bosch.

Vis à Vis: the armchair with a welcoming and informal seat.

Curvy: a sofa characterized by an extremely elegant design.

Pillopipe EVO: a small restyling of Pillopipe modular sofa, an iconic product of Casamilano collection.

SuiTable: a collection of coffee tables, small provocative works designed by the artist Lia Bosch. SuiTable, the project that we propose today with Casamilano, takes into consideration the times we are living in: pandemics, the tragic epic of migration, the insane depletion of resources, the air and water pollution, the threat to biodiversity. Aware of all these matters, we believe that, more and more, the world of furniture must have not only functional, style and taste qualities, but also take on aesthetic symbolic values, which can enrich and comfort the soul of those who buy. Artistic sensitivity is once again an indispensable component for conceiving and designing objects and collections that know how to interpret not only the spaces of our daily life but, above all, the “affective spaces” of our emotions.