theater/conference chair

Designer Giovanni Baccolini

Brand Aresline

Executive chairs for maximum comfort and interactivity are made of prestigious materials such as full-grain leather and the finest wood finishes.
The seats of both versions (tip-up seat and not tip-up) are fitted with exclusive “Memory foam” padding that provides a real feeling of relaxation and pleasure. The version with a tip-up seat is fitted with the exclusive “Star System” with friction shock-absorber opening/closing of the seat that entirely eliminates any noise and accompanies the seat all the way.

Imperial can be fitted with a sophisticated multimedia interactive touch screen, and housed inside the writing tablet or in the backrest rear panel.

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Giovanni Baccolini

The reason of his success is due to the will of following his ambitions, and to the condition that he could develop enough experience on the matter of design. Baccolini is able to create not only a product of high quality but also a complete service which offers all the right answers to the needs both of the companies and trends of the modern world.