w201 Extra small pendant



Brand Wästberg

The w201 Extra small pendant echoes our w151 Extra large pendant in being all about scale. In this case, we asked ourselves: how small can the pendant lamp become, without compromising on light performance or the integrity of its three distinctive cone shapes? In contrast to the grand gesture of its super-sized sibling, the w201 Extra small pendant makes a different statement: smaller and more intimate, but no less important.


Each of the w201 Extra small pendant’s three conical shades – ranging from tall and narrow to low and wide – can either be used on its own, or grouped with the others, to emphasise and define. Each shade is carefully crafted in solid die-cast aluminium, giving it weight and stability while acting as a heat sink. All shades are available in satin matte black or white.


d 52 cm 312 €
d 91 cm 336 €
d 151 cm 360 €

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