News from Porada

2020 collection

PORADA came up with quite big elegant collection this year, you will see new sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables and many other furniture peaces and design items. All carefully studied and design for special and exclusive interiors. Do not forget that all PORADA items are hand made using only the best material for your special clients!

In the new Twenty collection there’s everything we might expect to find in a Porada home: elegance, sobriety, attention to details and quality of the materials. The new items have been created as a continuity of the existing collections, far from extravagances and eccentricities, in line with the need of stability and solidity imposed by the recent events. A comforting but not minimal Porada home, being able to create warm and enchanting atmospheres and embellished by pieces born to be classics, that are not subjected to the evanescent fashions’s success as they don’t follow them.

You can see the products of Porada’s new collection from our web site:

Sofas Abacus, Softbay and Romain; armchair Copine.

Tables Alan, Bayus Tavolino, Shibumi and Quadrifoglio.

Coffee/side tables Antigone, Bouchon, Ekero, Jet and Jelly Marmo.

Pouf Smile, clothes-stand Jupiter, chairs Sveva and Evelin, cupboards Kanto and Bilbao.